Monday, August 22, 2005

The Beautiful South--bad language warning

I don't know if this band is famous in North America or not. They are fabulous song writers and both of the lead singers they've had have very distinctive voices. So OK.

DH chose the album 'Blue is the colour' last night. Put it on loud while the kids sat down for tea. I think we realized at the same moment that it might not be suitable for the under 6's. We leapt for the controls at the same time and fast-forwarded to track number two--which doesn't have the chorus line 'Don't marry her fuck me' on it.


  1. Never heard of the band, but that doesn't mean they're not here. LOL

    The looks on your faces must've been priceless.

  2. it was edited for radio and TV to dont marry him have me wasnt it

  3. My favorite line is 'she's got a PhD in I told you so, even I know and I'm not listening'