Monday, August 15, 2005


It has gone--puff--vanished!!! My manuscript that is :) Glad to have sent it off, terrified about the result, wondering how bad I'll feel if it gets rejected and how elated I'll be if it is accepted. With money troubles shadowing my thoughts and not to mention being thoroughly disgusted with the world's environmental policy I haven't been feeling the huge weight of relief I expected.

I am a worry-wort.

DH and I watched Miss Congeniality 2 last night and it made me laugh. Sandra Bullock is so gorgeous and although nothing spectacular happens plot-wise it is easy to watch and have a giggle at.

I am learning all about Frontpage--and going to attempt DH's website this week. I expect it'll take me a while to get to grips with the software. I have been cleaning paint-work and cooking, even sorting out the huge piles of washed laundry that had accumulated in my bedroom. Weeding the garden, taking kids to dentist, shopping--all those things normal moms do.

Weird not to be writing...


  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Toni, and good luck.

    I have a couple of mss you could finish if you want ;)

  2. you may not be writing but somewhere someone is reading, and what there reading is yours. hope they like it

  3. Nice thought New_friend!! Finger's crossed!

    Mary--a collaboration? Like Jenny Crusie and Bob? I have 3 stories whirling inside my head. Need to do something about that but WILL NOT start right away :)

  4. YAY Toni! Hey, when you learn more about frontpage, tell my why it won't load my cover on my website! I'm thoroughly frustrated.

    ANYWAY I'm so proud of you and your request. They will love you and your work. You're a gem.

  5. What an accomplishment! It does feel like you're sending a newborn out into the world, though, doesn't it? ;-)

  6. Keeping my fingers thoroughly crossed for you Toni! Good luck!

  7. Congrats on shipping off the ms., Toni!

  8. Thanks Peggy and Tori!!!