Friday, August 05, 2005

Grand Beach

Phew--gorgeous day here and we spent it on a fabulous hot beach on Lake Winnipeg. Weird that the water doesn't taste salty...

DH and my brother have gone to a Folkarama thing across the river. My brother is like me, a scientist by training, but good at right brain things too!! He is an award winning musician who plays Irish music. He also writes songs and is very supportive of my writing efforts and the fact I'm pursuing my dreams. Music runs in my family. My dad has taught himself to play fiddle, banjo, mandolin, flute, penny whistle, accordian etc etc all without being able to read a note of music--he is also an award winning musician--and a welder by trade :) My late grandfather was a noted banjo player and the talent goes on and on, spreading across the generations.

I have to say I have NO musical talent whatsoever, can't even sing. I write, I paint, I do playdough--that is it :)


  1. playdough the forgotten art form, if Michel Angelo had playdo he would have given up all other forms of art.

  2. Hey, I stink at playdough.

    Did I mention I'm a piano teacher? Hmm...too bad we don't live near one another, we'd remedy that!

    P.S. I can't draw a stick man and your creativity certainly is in your writing. :)