Monday, August 01, 2005

Jiggidy Jig

OK--cyberspace lost my post!!! Rats!!!

I'm so glad to be home :D

I had an interesting time in Reno. Met some lovely people, met some people I wasn't very keen on. Saw the ins and outs of a very complex and dynamic industry and witnessed an awful lot of ego. I have to say this wasn't from the top--not the top authors, the superstars like the wonderful Suzanne Brockmann, zany Susan Elisabeth Phillips, energetically enthusiastic Jennifer Crusie, fabulous Linda Howard, lovely Debbie Macomber, the incomparable Nora Roberts--these women were all wonderfully open and encouraging and awe-inspiringly inspiring :)

That surprised me.

I also had the two best roommates in the whole place--we'd been friends on the net, but had never met. I was very lucky to have Loreth (who writes for Silhouette Intimate Moments) and Meretta (who is aspiring, like me) and then there's me--short and dark like a pixie witch.

I'll post more about my experiences through this week, with pictures of my groupie adventures...and maybe confess my reservations about the whole thing too.

What have you been up to????


  1. Anonymous3:01 am

    Great to see your pics. Sounds like you had an interesting time. Did you get to sleep in or anything, or were you too busy networking? Oh, bliss, a week away from the family....I could do with that right now.
    But how did darling hubby and the kids do without you? Looking forward to reading more about it.
    Julie ;-)

  2. Toni, it was great to meet you!!!

  3. Suzanne-it was lovely to meet you too. I only saw you that once LOL!!! I think Harlequin must have whisked you away!!!

  4. Julie--lovely to hear from you. Hubby coped brilliantly and has a whole new appreciation of the guilt factor associated when you need to get something done and you're supposed to be looking after the kids.

  5. Toni, good to see you back! Glad you had a good time. I'm anxious to hear more of your insights into the whole experience. And share more pics! :-)

  6. Melissa--nice to see you again :) I feel like I was gone for a year :)

  7. You look BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Like the star you are!

  8. Kendra--yeah, except I was with a tall gorgeous blonde who outshined everyone LOL!!!

    I definately look better in low light conditions though LOL :)