Thursday, August 11, 2005

KOD Tour

So enough whining already!!!

Kiss of Death organized a tour on the Tuesday before the RWA National conference. It was baking hot, but most of the tour was inside at the Washoe County Sheriff's office. We spent much of the day having lectures from various people--the Sheriff, Dennis Balaam a wonderful man who looked an awful lot like Jean Luc Picard. A couple of detectives in vice and computer crimes. The woman detective pretends to be a 14 year old girl in chat rooms and the number of guys who come on to her with sexual advances is horrifying. Reno now prosecutes guys who offend in this manner in Federal courts (yeahh!!!) which have a mandatory prison sentence. So if they fight the charges they end up doing time, when all the Sheriff's Office really wants to do is have them listed as a registered sex offender and monitored (I don't think I'm allowed to state what I think should happen to them, but you can take a wild guess).

We had a guy (Greg Lubbe) from RAVEN which is the choppers and aircraft part of the Sheriff's department, run completely from charitable donations (I think I got that right). A quick note...during this lecture the best looking deputy I have ever seen came and sat on our little row--next to the gorgeous Loreth. George Clooney lookalike (fans face furiously).

SAR--search and rescue, had a nice morbid slide show full of grisly detailed pictures that we writers all lapped up. They are a fantastic group of people. Had a really great insight into tracking too--as in a man tracking a suspect, not a person tracking a radio-tagged animal (my other life LOL).

After a slap-up lunch it was time for their rivals the Fire department to have a go. We had a couple of gory videos where news-crews got overtaken by wild fires, and some scary stats at how the county is in an almost constant state of alert nowadays, compared to once or twice a year twenty years ago (does anybody out there still doubt global warming--anybody??)

Please note me, trying desperately to find shade and obviously not listening to a word of what is going on!!!

And then a whole group of our ladies trooped up this 100 foot ladder (probably because they got to have a good-looking fireman follow them all the way there)!! Aren't they brave!! I queued long and hard, but alas... (lying, lying, pants on fire).

Now the building we did this in also holds prisoners, complete with black and white licorice stripes, so it was somewhat surreal for everyone. The police/firemen where wondering what the hell a bunch of romance writers were gonna do, we were watching the prisons do their stuff and it took a little while for everyone to relax--but when we did it was a hoot :)


  1. Yep. I see you not paying attention, Dr. Anderson.

    Shame. Shame.

  2. Cool!!! I've never done one of the KOD tours but they look like a blast.

  3. I don't think you'd ever get me on one of those ladders!!!

  4. *blush* ... Toni, you're too sweet!!! And yep, he was the cutest deputy I ever did see. I believe his name was Mike Williams (can anyone correct me?) and if anyone ever needs help with CSI research or search and rescue stuff, he's very helpful ... and friendly :)

  5. Toni, I am sure that if you hadn;t had a skirt on then you would have whipped up that ladder like at true professional!! Ummm maybe not, lol. Sounds like a great day.