Friday, August 26, 2005


Yesterday I was struck by fever, the same fever my daughter had the day before. Only lasted 12 hours or so and left me with a sore throat, but now I'm fine.

One of our friends isn't though--well he is, but he told us yesterday he suffered a heart-attack about a year ago. He lives in Spain and doesn't have email so we speak sporadically--usually when he's pissed. The poor guy didn't even realize he'd had a heart-attack for a few weeks (he experienced chest pains when learning the paraglide or something similar) until he finally got checked out by a doc. So a 37 year old having a heart attack? Not good.

This guy is typically Irish. Too much drinking, too much smoking, too much of everything...not my Irish relatives you understand--just people I know. This guy philosophizes everything with that defeatist poet attitude. And I have to say it pisses me off.

I sound like a bitch, but we all know drinking and smoking and doing no exercise is bad for us, so to shrug and say Ah well and do it anyway pisses me off. There so now you know. I'm horrid.

I wish my friend nothing but good health, long life and happiness, but sometimes we have to clear our head, focus and get on with it. Fairy Godmothers are fantasy, you control your destiny, with just a wee bit of good luck thrown in.


  1. You are not a bitch. Someone being responsible for themselves is just the plain, hard truth.

  2. Hope you are feeling better.
    does your friend have a family ?

    Most smoking adds here now say you are harming your children or you will die young and leave them alone. shock tactics I know but guilt sometimes does more than persuasion with some people

  3. Hugs, Toni. I hope you feel better. That's sad about your friend, really. That's a terrible way to go through life, with that kind of defeatism.

  4. My friend is adjusting his life somewhat. He's lost weight and stopped smoking as much. I'm hoping he pulls himself together and has a great happy beginning to his life!!! He has family, but I'm not sure if it is a help or not.

    Shock tactics aren't a bad thing--maybe I should get a gun for DH???