Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lower Fort Garry

Ok--today we hit Lower Fort Garry. It was in the low 30's (Celsius) and baking hot. It is a great tourist attraction first developed by the Hudson Bay Company back in the mid 1800s.

I am constantly amazed by how people survived back then, no roads, no supermarkets, thick dresses and all that etiquette :)

I was admiring the embroidery on this old buckskin jacket--can you see it? And it was so clean looking, even though the leather was a bit stained. Does anyone know if the native people had glass beads before the Europeans arrived??? Gorgeous work.

And here is the fur room--completely politically incorrect in the UK, but the basis of survival and the economy in those early days of North America. Kind of creepy though, all those beautiful dead hides hanging around.


  1. fur is not politically incorrect in the UK, i know many dogs thst wear it. (some cats too)

  2. Bet they wish it had a zip :)

  3. Looks like a gorgeous place.
    I REALLY need a vacation. *grin*

  4. Hey Melissa--you aren't so far away :)

    It would really appeal to your liking of history !!!

  5. Did J enjoy the fur this time? Politically correct or not I think she had a chic fashion leaning towards the el-furo! Good times are reminded....

  6. Deb, I was on C duty and he ran around outside. J does rather like fur, though I think she refrained from throwing herself in them too much!! We followed exactly the same route, J led the way :)