Tuesday, August 16, 2005


OK--I'm about to have a moan so anybody not wanting to listen to some wimpy Brit moaning better get out now--while you still can.

I awoke at 6 a.m., unheard of. I am one of those people who has trouble getting to sleep and as a consequence could sleep till 9 a.m. without stirring (if it were up to me--which it isn't). I was worrying about everything and broke out in a cold sweat just thinking about a rust patch on the car. So, OK, I figure I am not my usual positive upbeat self and possibly the fact that these feeling are coinciding with me sending off two manuscripts in the last couple of weeks wasn't a just a fluke. So I guess I am suffering from big doubts about my own abilities.

Anyway, we are applying for Landed Immigrancy Status in Canada, as we are planning on staying for some time. Last night while I critted an erotic romance from one of my critique partners, DH was going through the forms for a final check. So imagine me trying to get into a sexy scene only to hear...'do we have a pencil' 'have you seen Appendix A?' 'what day was our son born?'

Needless to say I gave up after 30 pages, but will try again tonight.

So the missing things for our application were fingerprints and passport photos. We had some passport photos but they are supposed to be within six months, and the kids' photos were at least 18 months old and mine was a year ago last spring when I'd had a fit and got my hair cropped down to butch (That's what happens when your husband leaves you to work in Oz for 3 months).

So we got our fingerprints taken by 8.45 a.m. (which was surprisingly painless except for the fact DH has half of his prints missing from a childhood accident). Then we went to get the photos and they cost $100. I mean $100??? I would have done them myself had I realized, but DH was on a mission by then and it had to be done NOW!!!

But finally it is done--the huge gigantic fee sent along with the huge gigantic information files--which is kind of funny considering we are the most boring law-abiding people in the free-world, there is nothing to know about us LOL!!!

So, another huge thing achieved this week.

Anything huge happened to you this week???


  1. I'm pulling students and I totally SCREWED up the schedule. My battery died on my jeep and cost me $90 to fix. I take Cannon to soccer practice and it's been cancelled. I signed Kestin and Kinlee up for dance and just bought $230.00 worth of shoes.

    This week sux.

  2. Oh dear!!! OK--you win :)

  3. LOL and this is like a typical day in my world. *snort*

    Good luck to you on the visa!

  4. canada lucky to get you all

  5. Oh, Kendra and Toni! Ick! Hope the week gets better!

  6. Government paperwork is always massive!!! No matter what! Congrats for getting it done!

  7. Hey, Toni, I didn't realize you were from Britian. Well to Canada!

  8. Thanks !!! Nice comments for a girl who's moaning!! I feel like I have accidently emmigrated LOL

  9. "Well to Canada"??? Okay, that was suppose to read "Welcome to Canada". My brain obviously doesn't function that early in the morning.

  10. This week...
    stepson came home...(which isn't a BAD thing - just something else to adjust to)
    bills went unpaid...(except for the huge mortgage)
    work sucks.

  11. Peggy--I knew what you meant! Melissa--oh, sorry you are having a bad week!!