Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nora Roberts

OK--I guess Nora is the megastar of romance writers. I was surprised to find her sharing the tables of the newbies and sneaking ciggies outside during breaks and working out in the gym early in the morning (OK--I didn't find her in the gym, but my roomie did LOL). She has so many books out I find it hard to say I love them all--but I love most of them and that's saying something. My favorite books of hers are Birthright and The Rising Tides trilogy. She is very good at writing male point of view!!

The big conference furor was all about the fact that Nora boycotted the awards ceremony that she was supposed to emcee. The RWA committee, a bunch of very hardworking volunteers, had decided on a video montage and descriptive script of what had happened over the last 25 years. Unfortunately they chose a very biased political world view and had to be persuaded to remove scenes of the Oklahoma bombing and the World Trade Centre disaster. It contained a very pro-republican theme and a very tasteless shots of Challenger. Did they have Bill Clinton signing the Kyoto Treaty? Brokering the peace process in Northern Ireland or Middle East? No, it had his sex scandals.

It is depressing enough to look at the world news night after night, so I didn't really enjoy seeing one disaster after another up on the screen. It should have been about the romance writers up for various awards, or perhaps about how romance itself has changed in the last 25 years--and seriously I don't think Charles and Di count as romance!!!

And I was uncomfortable about expressing my thoughts--in the land of the free and home of the brave--in the land that coined the expression 'Freedom of Speech'

I didn't feel comfortable AT ALL, expressing my political views which is a shame, because that ladies and gentlemen is what democracy is really all about.

But do I feel the RWA committee should be publicly knitpicked to death? Lord, no, they did their best, the rest of the conference was a huge success. I enjoyed the awards apart from the news clips and the fact it went on way too long. I do think they should try to remember they have members from ALL political spectrums and from all over the world.


  1. That's why it's best to leave politics OUT of romance. Geez! That's why they've caught so much slack this year.

    Sad to hear all that happened at what was supposed to be a great event.

  2. Definitely--the politics should have stayed HOME--with the guys :)

    It was still a great event--and some people say that no publicity is bad publicity so who knows... maybe it was a big stunt LOL :)

    Funny, but I'm worried even on my own blog that someone will take offense--and prove me right for holding my tongue till now :/

  3. Nah, I don't think you said anything bad. You didn't boycott anything. :) Plus hey, who care Bill got lucky. He certainly wasn't the only pres to ever do so ;)

  4. Toni, I liked your post (and your picture of Nora Roberts who I thought for some reason was a lot older). And LOL at Charles and Di reference, that was cute.

    I've heard alot about this "Nora Roberts" incident and now Jennifer Cruise's letter and have to agree. Politics, disaster, all that should stay out of a ceremony highlightening the best of romance writing.

  5. Forgive my political naivety but although he may have signed the Kyoto Treaty havent future administrations refused to act on it?

    “I don't think Charles and Di count as romance!!!” it could be argued Charles and Camilla is a more true romantic story ?

    But as you were there for you love of the romance story I don’t think you can say it hasn’t been a romantic 25 years. not only are there so many of you talking about it on your site but even the latest harry potter seems to have gone into the first childish romantic excusions of “first kiss , first couple etc.” Romance isnt dead its GETTING EVERYWHERE !!!!! ARHHH.

  6. I loved Birthright, too!!

  7. Yup - politics and romance don't mix. And neither do national and world tragedies mix with romance.

  8. New_Friend...LOL--romance is GOOD!! Say it with me :) You're right, with all the comments!!

    Peggy, Melissa, it was all too much and I'm glad it is done with, I'm sure RWR will have something to say. Interesting in a train wreck sort of way :(

    Suzanne--I hope her next book is like Birthright. I'm ever hopeful :)