Monday, August 29, 2005


In my few weeks off from writing a full length book I have been trying to read craft books. I finally got hold of Dwight Swain's Techniques of the Selling Writer in Reno and have been slowly making my way through it.

Last night I read something that gave me hope :D I hate doing writing exercises. I'd rather do my yoga, naked in the middle of a crowded football stadium.

He writes 'The man who cottons to exercises generally isn't cut out to be a fiction writer. He's certainty-oriented; reaching out for a sure thing.
Most potentially successful writers have little patience with such. They're too eager to get on with their own stories; too intoxicated with their own euphoria; too excited over their ideas.'

Yeah--there is hope for me yet :)


  1. Of course there's hope for you! You're very talented and don't start believing otherwise!

  2. I'm not big into writing exercises, either. Only when I'm really stumped and need to get something down, anything down, do I turn to them.

  3. "I'd rather do my yoga, naked in the middle of a crowded football stadium." you do that offten ?

    you being happy with what you do is important. it keeps you happy writing. others enjoying reading it will come

  4. Actually the yoga thing is one of personal nightmares :O

    I hope people want to read what I write, but the first hurdle is an editor--fingers crossed for me :)