Saturday, August 20, 2005


I have always been slightly reclusive. I love my own company and that of a good book. I was thinking about characters and character motivation so I got to wondering why I needed so much me time.

It didn't take long to figure out. I come from a large family. When I was little I had my two sisters, one brother, parents, all four grandparents, three great-grandparents, eight uncles and aunts, assorted great aunts and uncles, 10-20 first and second cousins, and we all lived in the sort of town where everybody knew everything about everything.

I kept a journal as a young child, only to abandon it when someone (either my sister or mother, or probably both) read it and told everyone my inner most secrets. So OK... it only took about 20 years to get over that and start another journal :)

I used to go for long solitary walks (aged 7) taking the dog off through woods and tracks and God knows where. I know there is no way I'd let my daughter do that now.

It's funny, but DH comes from an equally large family. And it had the opposite effect on him. He loves company, needs people-time and lots of drinking opportunities, and competition and running about and basically playing. So two similar environments raised two completely opposite souls--which begs the eternal question--nature or nurture??

Personally I'm hoping for nature at the mo, as my nurturing skills have been pretty crap recently :D

I'm having the sort of self-indulgent time I remember having for years without ever realizing it (if you see what I mean...pre-kids, pre-writing :)). My evenings have been filled with TV and books. I finished 3 novels this week. Ghost Horse, Julia Quinn's It's in his Kiss and something else that eludes me right now. I'm reading Jill Shalvis' Blue Flame now and really enjoying it.

DH's website is constructed and linked together but not published yet as I need some graphical software to make a funky banner. I tried to download it off the web, but it wouldn't have it. Oh well...a small thing considering!!!


  1. I'd give anything for some alone time sometimes. I used to stay at home, watch movies, play piano, and read for hours. It was nice to have the quiet time.

    Congrats on the site!

  2. My God, I could have written that post, Toni. I CRAVE alone time. Need it, like an addiction. If I don't get some I get really squirrelly, maybe even--dare I say it--grumpy!

    My husband, raised an only child is the complete opposite. Needs to always be around people. To the point I feel he's breathing down my neck! I figure it is because I grew up in a large family as well and alone time just didn't happen.

  3. I'm a reclusive too ...

  4. Isn't that funny--maybe we get our alone time when we sink into a story, but I think it is more than that!!!

    Jill-really enjoying Blue Flame and in fact, it kept me up late last night and made me blurry eyed this morning :)

  5. I love self-indulgent time! I don't get much of it anymore....

  6. I'm so glad you're enjoying my book!! Can never hear that enough ...

  7. I LOVE alone time, as well. I don't mind my own company at all. And I also get grumpy if I don't get that alone time. Luckily, hubby realizes that and lets me do my thing as often as possible.

  8. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Enjoyed a lot!