Sunday, August 21, 2005

Things I like about Canada

1) Canadians--generally
2) The wild birds and other assorted wildlife...including Big Foot sightings...
3) Hot summer
4) Walmart
5) Cheap shoes (Bought four pairs of kids trainers for $50)
6) Its political and environmental awareness
7) Book shops & libraries (both stock my favorite romance authors without me feeling like a dimwit for ordering them)

Things I don't like:
1) Bugs
2) Extreme cold
3) No Walkers Crisps (cheese and onion flavor)

Have you ever lived abroad????


  1. been to scotland ? not too impresive eh

  2. nope. I've never even lived in another state *groan* I really need to get out more ;)

  3. I love Scotland (home of my heart but don't tell my parents :))

    Kendra--we all lead different lives...maybe one day you'll have a home on every coast ???

  4. I've always wanted to live abroad. England is my first choice, Italy my second. (I'm hoping to "meet" some of my Italian relatives!)

  5. PS. Hate rabies and the fact my real vet lives in Scotland :( and the pseudo one milking us dry lives here. Must get dogs jabbed and licensed--AGAIN!!!

  6. Toni, as you well know, we lived in Singapore - loved vivid colours, wonderful aromas and variety of cultures..... really missed bisto gravy granules - don't ask me why cos I hardly ever use them in the UK but I HAD to have them there!!!