Saturday, August 27, 2005

Too tired

Too tired to blog and every bone and muscle aches. I foolishly decided to help DH with house DIY. He was filling a large crack in the basement so I decided to paint the front steps that were badly in need of a fresh coat. It took 6 hours and a lot of energy. Needless to say it spotted with rain on and off the whole time, but never enough for me to actually quit. And the leaves were falling from the elm, so that was tricky, them sticking to the wet paint, and too many spiders (and eggs) to mention got new stripes. But I got it done--a tiny help with winter making its slumberous approach :)

I'll take a picture tomorrow--at the moment I am in my jammies after taking a long soak :)


  1. Toni, after six hours of painting, I'd be pooped too! Hope you enjoyed your bath.

    And shame on you girl for using the "w" word before September!

  2. Six hours of painting? WOW. You have every right to be sore and tired!
    Feel better...

  3. Peggy--apologies :)

    Thanks for the sympathy Peggy and Melissa, I took an Ibrophrophen (?) and slept like a log ;-)