Thursday, August 25, 2005


We trundled off to the vets this morning to get the dogs rabies and distemper jabs. It started the way all our trips start. Dh said he'd take the dogs, I'd stay home and watch the kids. Then he asks if one of the kids wants to go with him. Then they both want to go with him. So he's taking 2 dogs, 2 kids to the vet clinic that is right on a major road. He thinks I should be OK with this. Anyway, so we all go to the vets, which is quite nice as they have fish in the waiting room etc, and our dogs weren't looking as scruffy as normal because I'd brushed them last weekend (and the elder one got caught in a rain shower yesterday and looked quite fluffy and fetching).

So... I'm chasing the kids, DH is trying to look in control as he tells our dogs to sit & stay (as if they are reliable or well trained or something), then we get in the exam room and have a half hour exam with the assistant (I'm mentally cringing and counting the money), then we have a similar procedure with the vet herself.

Despite the fact our youngest dog has put on 12 kg since he arrived in Canada last year (and I didn't even notice), both our dogs are sparkling examples of doghood :D We were told so, by the VET!!! Couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe they didn't charge more than they said it would be for the shots.

So... Yipppeeeee!!!!!!!!!!


  1. They look like lovely, well behaved dogs in the picture. :) Glad it didn't cost more than what you were told. Always a plus.

  2. And something I've been thinking your dogs have an accent of any sort? Seriously. If humans have them, why not animals?

  3. Oh your dogs are so adorable!!!

  4. Meretta--They roll their R's when they woof :)

    They were in training with my f-i-l when the photo was taken, so did behave. Since then they have been taking hints from the children and only listen when a treat is mentioned :/

  5. What beautiful dogs! And healthy to boot!! Yay!

  6. Ooh, love you dogs! They look so wonderful and VERY well loved! We've got to get the rest of the shots for ours here in a few weeks - always an adventure.

  7. Anonymous9:43 am

    Best regards from NY!