Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Website for DH

DH is away in New Brunswick and what am I doing?

Eating chocolate in front of the telly?
Watching reruns of Sex in the City?
Chatting with my email buddies or family?

No, I am creating his website!!! So far it is going OK. I'm using Frontpage so I'm used to the Microsoft commands and I have a Dorling Kindersley mini-book on how to build a website. I ordered 6/7 how-to books from the library and the only one I even flipped through was this tiny, 70-page guide for morons. Sometimes less is more :)

Anyway, two pages is enough for me--webpages that is--and I'm off to dive into a Julia Quinn novel that I got free from my conference.

Pity there's no chocolate around here...


  1. No chocolate?!? Get thee to a store ASAP!!!

  2. Frontpage is not my speciality so don't come here for advise - I have however been playing with Adobe Photoshop and produced a fund raising calendar for swimming club. Pretty darn fine (even though I say so myself!). Happy FPing.

    p.s We have a new tortoise called Herbie (sent you a photo via em), he is lovely and great company for Herman!

  3. Melissa--I tend to eat it, is the problem :)

    Deb--DH (not you) is getting me Adobe, well he is getting it for him but since he is graphically challenged I'll do the work :) I'm hoping it'll have everything I need for banners etc. I'm checking it out now!! Tortoise looks gorgeous :)