Tuesday, August 23, 2005

World Trip

I wonder where my brother is on his world tour? I figure he might just be about to leave NZ and head to Sydney. I'm not sure what the weather is like there just now...which is funny because for about a year the weather on the East Coast of Australia was one of my top priorities! Funny how times change.

It is Winter in Oz--and definitely the time to go visit!!! Sydney is a wonderful vibrant city--but a big city full of traffic and concrete just the same. Its real charm is getting around by water--just like Brisbane which has a super fast ferry up and down the river. Did I tell you my DH studied Bull Sharks who swim up the river to give birth? Not many people know that and it shocked the hell out of all the people who swam in the rivers as kids...

I'd be happy to live in Australia, except for the intense summer heat and the 100 top deadly critters in the world :) The second deadliest lives in the gardens in the sub-tropical East Coast--i.e. Brisbane :) I think it is the Eastern Brown snake (although my ID book seems to have disappeared to Pre-K). A single drop of venom can kill a horse.


One of the mysteries of the natural world is why do these creatures have such deadly venom when most of them only eat things the size of rats???


  1. This world tour of your brother's...is it something he's done before with his girls? It's a great idea and got me to thinking that we should do the same when ours are a bit older.

    Except I'm going to have to think about Australia. 100 most deadly things? Hmm...food for thought. ;)

  2. You never see anything--except Redbacks and pythons--unless you are really unlucky :/

    Definitely!! Take them!! My brother was long overdue a vacation and his girls are 14 & 16, so not too hard to entertain. Any child under 3 is hard to travel with (I think--or at least they're unpredictable). Rather than go around the world I'd pick a spot on the world (like Oz, Ireland, Scotland, Europe whatever) and spend a big block of time there. As much as you have anyway. Some of these places are so big you can't see them in a year!!! Ohh--I love planning trips--even other peoples :)

  3. I'd LOVE to go on a world tour. How exciting!

  4. I'd love a world trip, minus the kids though. Unless they were older, you know, like adults. Australia is definitely there on the top of my "wish I could visit" list. And the men??? Such sexy accents!

  5. Well, if I go to Australia, I want you with me, dear Dr. Anderson. I'm pretty darn sure you can identify said creatures and point them out to me before I step on them :)

  6. Long thin wriggly big teeth--snake

    Eight legs--yukky--spider :)

    I'd protect you though--have to help DH--he's scared of snakes :)

  7. That's so neat that your brother is taking a world tour! I would love to do that. I've alway wanted to go to Australia, too.