Friday, September 09, 2005


Have you ever thought about how easy it is to get angry? Real bone-deep pissed-off angry so you walk around with your teeth set, your eyes narrow as twin lasers and a clipped shut off way of analysing the situation you are in?

That was me earlier.

I think my problem stemmed from non-stop activity from 10.30 am to 6.30 pm. I literally didn't stop. Packed rucksac for DD. Got emergency bread from local shop, fed kids early lunch/made sandwich for the wee monster to eat on the hoof, picked up DH so we could both take DD to kindy (that was lovely seeing her so grown up and playing with her old Pre-K friends), did the BIG shop in Superstore (God I love that store as it is cheap and hate it because the quality of service makes you feel like you are in prison), rushed home, put groceries away, put DS in stroller and legged it in 30C heat for twenty minutes down to kindy, picked up grumpy child (she'd been fabulous in class but when she relaxes she gets surly), got home, emptied dishwasher, cooked tea & fed kids, washed up, poop scooped, filled out RWA ballot (please God don't be raving idiots), hung out laundry, bathed kids, sorted ten tonnes of clean laundry and put it away, cooked dinner for me and DH. Phew!

So when DH arrived late from the pub I was less than gracious :) And I should have been gracious. Really I should. He came home with the great news we are going to Florida (airmiles willing) for 2 weeks in early December, he has to work but I can play :). Florida--in a Manitoba winter--trust me if you lived here you'd know why I should be kissing his great big feet :)


  1. florida not beong mad

  2. Well, I think you had a right to be mad at hubby for coming home late from the pub! You've had all that responsibility with the kids all day and he's out enjoying himself! DH and I had a fight over this last night - he just doesn't "get" that I am tired of dealing with the kids and need help. Instead, he likes to just do whatever after work and I'm stuck at home waiting for him.
    Sorry...had a rant of my own!
    Glad you're going to Florida - you'll have a blast!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bad mood, but know it's normal and YAY! on the trip to Florida!! I guess this means you're not coming to Cold Lake? ;)

  4. Well Meretta, I figured I'd give you time to settle and visit next summer instead ???

    And Melissa--they don't get it. Friday night for me is like torture, end of a long week and instead of getting help I get more to do. DH sees it as his reward for a long hard week--but where's my reward??

  5. Oh have fun! What part of Florida?

    I understand your anger. I don't think men always appreciate how hard it is to stay at home and be reponsible for kiddos 24/7. :) He needs to sit at home for a few hours and let you go to the pub.