Saturday, September 03, 2005

BBC's take on Katrina

BBC's take on New Orleans

And another article BBC.

These show different perspectives on the situation. I'm not bashing Americans BTW--some of my best friends are Americans :) I'm just mesmerized by the whole terrible situation and looking forward to those people still suffering finding hope. I saw a wonderful piece on Minnesota News (KARE?), where a man gave a house to a family, rent free for a year. They had never met.

What a wonderful gesture. Wonderful people.


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  4. This situation is just beyond horrible. I visited New Orleans back in the '90's and just loved the whole feel of the city. Very Southern, very eclectic. I think now about the places I visited and wonder, is it still there? And the history! There is SO MUCH history down is just so very, very sad.

  5. Interesting to read everyone's viewpoint on the tragedy. It was horrible. Hey, Canada has sent 3 ships and 91,000 tanks of gas!

  6. Melissa--I've always wanted to go--hope it regains what it lost. Don't know if it ever can.

    Kendra--other countries care about what's going on too. Even Sri Lanka sent aid. Isn't that wonderful? I hope it goes to the people who lost everything and need to rebuild from scratch!

  7. It's wonderful to have everyone pulling together like this. :) So very nice.

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