Saturday, September 17, 2005


My daughter just made up a joke.

What flower do you find between your chin and your nose?Two lips



  1. now midnight for me - just been out own town so double checkin spellin!! Love J's joke, R went along lines of I-Scream - Ice-cream word association and (at the age of 3 thought it was hilarious for ions.....) & S "why did Eeyeore have his head down the toilet?... cos he was looking for Pooh!" Not too topical with DS!!

  2. She's clever like her mom.

  3. I was stunned. Normally she makes non-funny Knock knock jokes :)

    Deb--you dirty stop out :) Very jealous :)

    Kendra--I am so crap at jokes. My one and only... 'what do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?'

    A stick :)

  4. Ah, she's brilliant! Very cute.

  5. i heard the rude version of that joke starting with whats better than roses aroung the piano..... but as children may read this sight i will let you put the punch line in.

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