Saturday, September 03, 2005

Embarrassing Moments.

My husband and a colleague had a big grant review this week. Lots of good behavior and being on their toes. So Thursday night after it was all over Steve came back to our place to relax for the evening and stay over, before he traveled home the next day. When DH and I were out of the lounge, our dog--the older one--Finn (she of the excellent health and good breeding), sidled up to Steve for a stroke. He obliged and gave her a pat (not a dog person). She decided this wasn't enough and gave his hand a firm nudge--showering red wine everywhere. All over him, the couch, everywhere.

So--I had to wash Steve's clothes, find something of DH's for him to wear, wash the couch.

Next day. Son was watching Robin Hood while I got something together for my writing chapter Kiss of Death. I should have known--it was a sign :) Daughter was upstairs and all was blissful. I went through to check on my son and found the fireplace opened, 6-month-old ashes strewn over every surface until the only color visible was grey and son running around like a powder puff giving off fumes.

LOL. Thank God the couch is washable!!!!

I won't go into the more posterior stories--we're toilet training and enough said ;-)


  1. Good luck with cleaning. Sounds like you had a time with all of that.

  2. You could try dying the sofa covers a nice multi colour - include red, grey, brown etc, at least that way future stains won't show up so much??!! Happy days. Scott once tried to eat a piece of that 'artificial' coal off our living flame fire - for those interested they are filled with a white polestyrene type fibre, which I doubt is on the suggested diet list! No comments about potty training...

  3. Poor Toni! Poor couch! Ah, the joys of living with pets and babies. Never a dull moment.