Tuesday, September 13, 2005

England Win the Ashes

From the BBC---

Men of the series
While England supporters rejoiced even the most fervent of England fans must have felt touch of sympathy for Australia's Shane Warne.

The leg-spinner bamboozled England's batting line-up to finish the series with an incredible 40 wickets.

At times it appeared he was playing Vaughan’s men on his own.

He and Flintoff were named Men of the Series.

From me---
Now I don't know anything about cricket--well not much anyway. I know that ball friggin hurts if it hits you, and I know we haven't won the Ashes series since 1986. Now the history of the Ashes is complicated--see here for explanation. But the bottom line is the Aussies have been thrashing us at it for yonks--and rubbing our noses in it in every chance they get. So finally we can rejoice!! And I loved the footage of Andy Flintoff staggering onto the bus, obviously drunk, but smiling merrily, before they began their trip through the streets of London to see Tony Blair.

Nice to have something to celebrate!!!


  1. Those two are HOT. Yum.

  2. Aren't they just--a big surprise for cricketers!!!

  3. I got all excited, thinking that was a picture of your dh and his brother! But you were only talking about sports! Poop! :-(

  4. LOL Peggy--yep, just sport, although they'd both fit right into the Anderson family ;-)

    My DH

    Not the best photo but OK. Not sure I have one of the brothers...will have to look :)

  5. AND they're cute!!! :)

  6. I don't know much about cricket, but judging from that pic, they do have some very HOT players :)

  7. I like the pic!

  8. Prior to this I was not what you call a cricket fan, but this series had me gripped. I left a meeting and hopped on our internal shuttle bus and had to stay on it whilst Kevin Pieterson triumphed on his first test century! 1986, not so long ago until you think that Jackie Wilson was number one with Reet Petite - how long ago!!!

  9. In 1986 we were just finishing school before heading to 6th form!!

  10. You wish - in 1984 we were heading to 6th form, in 1986 we were heading into the big bad world!

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