Friday, September 02, 2005


Below is a message from one of my DH's brothers (see brat on the biography page :)) I think he's very talented.

Dear Professor Anderson,

I am an ardent supported of your work and have followed your research avidly ever since your enlightening paper on the, 'salt secretions of the lesser spotted European dogfish.' I too am an avid biologist who's interest was sparked by a childhood gift, although mine was a junior doctors and nurses set. I feel my experience would be of great benefit to your lab and I would revel the opportunity to work under your tutelage. My work includes the, 'identification of previously unidentified elements in a technicolured cough after ten pints of stella and a curry,' and the esteemed report on, 'birds, with and without beer goggles'. I hope my application for a position in primitive fish physiology and endocrinology research is successful and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Speedy Darwin.


  1. Your brother in law sounds like a hoot. :)

  2. Meretta--he is. They all are, God bless 'em.