Sunday, September 11, 2005


I was wondering how I was doing--personally, you know, wondering if I'd got anywhere near where I'd wanted to go in my life. So I figured I'd check out the goals I wrote back in January this year.

And couldn't find the buggers!!! Anyway here are some long term goals I holding back :)

One Year--1st book accepted for publication.
Now I guess this depends on several things and even though the year is marching along at a clipping pace I will not give up :)

Two Years: Second book published--good reviews ;-)

Three Years: Third book published--good reviews--sell on proposal

Four Years: Two book contract

Five Years: Best Seller status, earning a living writing one ST book a year and maybe a category too.

LOL--dreaming big :)

But what have I achieved except for raising my two little beings, unbalancing the checkbook, being a housewife (though really I didn't marry the freaking house)?

I finished two stories--one 105K words, one 75K words. Got to Reno, pitched to Denise Zaza and got a request for the manuscript. Met a bunch of editors and agents, drooled over my favorite authors (embarrassing but true), learned the dark side of the industry and RWA ;-). I volunteered for the publicity committee for my chapter of RWA (Kiss of Death), made some wonderful friends, critiqued 4 stories by my CPs (maybe more it is hard to tell), got to grips with two new software packages and made DH a website and designed my own template for future use. I can't think of anything else, but I'm pretty pleased with the year so far.

Ohh...and I wrote the first chapter in my new story :)

Unfortunately, I know I need to rewrite the first story I wrote if I am to sell it, but must write my Presents first, while I have the tone and feel for the line in my head :) Note to self: must NOT kill anyone.


  1. I think you've had a very good year so far. Getting good and involved in the writing business and community. Sometimes I think when we first start out, we don't realize there is so much more than just the writing aspect. At least that is my excuse!

  2. I know--I've been writing for about 6 years--well since my daughter was due. But with having small kids and traveling so much I've only been 100% commited the last 2 years. Still :/ feels like a long time!

  3. I think you're doing awesome, Toni!