Sunday, September 25, 2005


OK--reached my goals as of yesterday and finished Chapter 2 of my Presents--I have to admit they are shorter than my other chapters, so maybe I am cheating? Anyway Tick Chapter 2 :)

Finished all my other little jobs (except KOD announcements which I have to get done tonight to send out next week). Now I am trying to alter curtains (not my forte) and trying to copy audio tracks onto CD's so I can listen to the RWA conference classes on the move. So far no luck.

Last night we watched Sea Biscuit. It was lovely, even if I'm not a fan of Toby McGuire. I LOVE horses. The book I'm reading now Stolen Magic by Mary Jo Putney features a unicorn, and Aunty Jan bought DD Barbie and the magic of Pegasus, so we are having a horsey time and I'm wanting to move to the country and get one (preferably that doesn't bite, bolt, roll, kick, buck--which seems to be my usual mount).

DS is scared of the Barbie movie--and in another weird twist of fate the baddy is called Wenlock, which just happens to be a neighboring town where I was born and raised.

Funny old world...and thanks to DH for helping me get my goals achieved :) XXXX


  1. good for you if your getting things done. whish i was been long few weeks

  2. IS it raining again new_friend??

  3. Anonymous7:46 am

    Excellent, love it!
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