Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hot or Not?

OK, well yesterday I was stressed so today I decided a little retail therapy might help. My problem of course is having no money. BUT I can rationalize the purchase of a few romance novels as research (which it is) as well as enjoyment :) I was trying to get Jill Shalvis' Seeing Red but couldn't find it even in Zellers (Canadians version of Walmart). I will have to revert to the internet for it now LOL.

Instead I saw books by JoAnn Ross, Lori Foster and Jenelle Denison that I hadn't read--and before you say it, NO I haven't read all the freebies I got in Reno yet, but there is something so satisfying about buying a book and holding it in your sticky mitts that I had to get them. These 3 authors write pretty hot stuff (I have only read Lori's and that was several years ago, but I have heard on the grapevine and can tell by the covers) and I'm curious as to how hot publishing is getting as of now. Hot doesn't bother me, though I don't like erotica, I need the romance you see :) And hot seems to sell--unless your at the other end of the spectrum with Inspirational, which also sell. Again I like those books too, when well written, though don't want the industry to go to the extremes with nothing in the middle.

The stuff I write is in the middle--I need the middle--and why am I suddenly channelling Elaine out of Seinfeld???

OK--off to watch the Invasion premiere after getting 6 pages of Gabriel's story written :)


  1. I'm not real big on books with too much "hot", unless it calls for it. And not in minute detail either! I'm not a horny teenager. I know what happens during sex. I'm there for the romance and the story plot to take me away on an adventure. Sex scenes can sometimes, for me at least, interrupt the flow.

    The idea that there should be a minimum or maximum amount of love scenes is also ludicrous to me. Who made up that rule???

  2. It has to fit the story. I like the romance and anticipation. :)

  3. I like good love scenes, but they have to be GOOD. Those that aren't I usually just skip.

    I understand about wanting to buy a new book! I have so many books I haven't read yet, but that doesn't stop me from buying more!

  4. I like the romance. I write hot, but I don't want to write it without the romance. To me, the romance makes the book.