Friday, September 02, 2005


Here is a heart-rendering account of the force of Katrina by a fellow writer,
Larissa Ione . Makes you think and be grateful for what you've got.

I am so sorry for the people of the Gulf Coast. The devastation and destruction is mind numbing--not to mention the loss of life, be it human or animal. I am appalled by the slowness of the response given the US is such a sophisticated country. During the Tsunami clean-up, we knew it would take months and years to even begin to make things right for the poor people of SE Asia, but the States? Couple of days--weeks at most. Doesn't look that way--it'll be years before things ever get back to normal, and that is assuming they don't get hit by another hurricane soon.

Isn't it ironic--Mother Nature cutting off the USA's oil? Some might think not. But the Ocean in the Gulf of Mexico is at record temperatures--30C. The ocean is 30C. Ocean temperatures are responsible for spawning hurricanes. The hotter the ocean the more frequent and forceful they become. This year had the earliest hurricane ever, and now the most destructive on US soil. And the US officials still deny global warming is even happening.

I am hoping some good comes out of this awful event--not that I'd wish disaster on anyone--but I'm hoping that maybe the citizens of America will start thinking about global warming, start using cleaner power (as we all should) and I hope the people of the Gulf recover from this soon. Very soon.


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  2. Hi Toni -

    I'm Larissa's friend and I saw your comment on her blog (which I'm babysitting for the moment ;) We've got some donation info for her via my site,, and ways you can help her and her family out via gift cards, etc. Any other questions, feel free to get in touch with me and thanks again for your concern.

  3. I've put a link to ROMAID in the side bar!!

  4. Toni, I thought the same thing about Mother Nature cutting off the oil supply, really hitting us where it hurts. I've been thinking about the slow response, and I don't know - I mean, Monday we thought NO was okay, Tuesday she wasn't. The buses got there Wednesday. So as awful as it is, I think we did the best we could. Just my opinion....

  5. Mary--it is a massive job, no doubt!! But listening to the Mayor of NO talking, he's been asking for help, and it just isn't getting there fast enough. Maybe now it'll be better--here's hoping.

  6. And Mary--your opinion is very welcome.