Thursday, September 29, 2005

My Day So Far

7.45 am... Get up
8.00 am... Clothe/Feed kids
8.45 am... Poop scoop lawn and get washing from yesterday off the line, send first round of COFFIN (KOD) announcements out
9.00 am... Pack snack for moms and kids for mom's group
9.15 am... Walk to mom's group
9.30-11.00 am... Mom's group. DS cries at door for me because I am relaxing with other moms. Eat muffin
11.15 am... Walk home. Check mail.
11.30 am... Clean up copious amounts of dog pee. Laundry :(
11.40 am... Make lunch for DD and get her snack ready for kindergarten, force feed child
12.10 pm... Remove uneaten food from DD and make her use bathroom--which of course takes another 10 mins.
12.20 pm... Shoes on, hunt for DS who is looking for poop in garden {:O
12.30 pm... Arrive at kindy for safe delivery.
12.50 pm... Drive home. Check mail. Check answer-phone. Think about lunch for DS. Eat left over snacks for mom's group.
1.30 pm... Video for DS. Check blogs, internet, email.
2.00 pm... Get wip out, turn wip music on, check DS.
2.01 pm... Find big pile of poop in front of TV and a naked from waist down (or should that be waste down?) kid who looks like mine, but with horns.
2.02 pm... Lose temper and shout at DS who cries and make me feel terrible. Again.
2.10 pm... Clean up poop. Laundry :(
2.11 pm... Dress DS.
2.12 pm... Go back to wip, but enthusiasm gone. Romance and poop don't mix.
2.15 pm... Check blogs, internet, email. Mailbox.
2.20 pm... Play with a couple of ideas for website
2.35 pm... Video finishes and DS restless.
2.45 pm... Leave to pick up DD from kindy, walking and actually leaving early for a change so DS can play on structure outside school doors.
3.00 pm... DS falls asleep in stroller (never happens)
3.10 pm... Arrive kindy. Teacher informs me DD left toilet door open (a charge she denies) boy walks in and all hell breaks loose. She called him a LOSER!!! Where does she get this stuff?
3.30 pm... Finally leave kindy. DS still asleep. Walk home with DD constantly moaning and asking for TV.
4.00 pm... Home. TV goes on :( Dinner goes in oven
4.30 pm... Kids at table, eating dinner, I'm writing my BLOG because I still have Sparks and bath time to survive. Eat muffin, place something frozen in oven and thank God for forethought when I cooked it (whatever it turns out to be).

Now DH will come home and when the kids go to bed he'll say, 'I thought you were going to work?' and then he wonders why I get so frustrated when he then organizes social engagements for Friday and Saturday nights.

I LOVE my kids, but they need to get over their bathroom/toilet/poop obsessions.


  1. good job you type quick or we would never get to hear from you

  2. Glad to hear my ds isn't the only one who has a thing for dog doodoo! But thankfully, I have a 12 year old who cleans it up for $2.00. I'd pay her $20.00 if need be, I HATE that job!

  3. The rest of the day went bad to worse--but culminated in me putting feet up and watching ER.

    Peggy, there is a company in Winnipeg that does it. Very tempting but hard to spoil my babies fun :/

  4. There is a company that will come scoop dog poop? Oh wow! We need that in my town. But I just make the stepson do it. ;-) Hey, I did it enough as a kid! It's his turn to experience the torment! LOL

  5. Poop is a pain. I found some on a pillow in the toyroom!!! Gross!! Need to explore carefully!

  6. A poop scooping company?? Way cool! Must look into.

  7. Toni - had to laugh about the husband line. My hubby just started law school - so he is out of the house from 5:30am to 8:30pm.
    My day is similar to yours, just throw in 7.5 hrs of meaningless, mind-numbing day job.
    Girls to bed by 9:30, and I'm beat.
    Then, hubby asks me why the house isn't clean! And how come I think I have time to watch Survivor! :)
    (Not his best day).