Thursday, September 08, 2005


Nora is challenging people to match her donation to Habitat for Humanity and also to send books for the survivors of Katrina (thanks for the link Meretta)

On a personal note my daughter starts kindy tomorrow (bless her). She is very excited, but a little scared too. Considering she'd be in Grade 2 had we stayed in Scotland I feel like it is way past time she started full days, but no, it'll be a year of half days to start with while I look after the wee man :)

Talking of the wee man (aptly named considering the lack of progress on the nappy/diaper front) he had his birthday last week and his sister, helped by a good friend of ours, baked a cake. Isn't it fab?

Writing-wise, I have my images, soundtrack and plot sorted out. Seriously, I am now prepared :) Just going to nail down the internal and external conflicts so they are up front and personal in my head, and then I can start writing. I know, I know, I'm being lazy. Is it the changing seasons? because I am whacked--maybe I need to get my butt in gear and set my goals.

Gabriel (Gabe) and Felicity (Flick) are my hero/heroines names...what do you think? Nice and easy for all those contest judges who usually have trouble with me??


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  2. That cake is just GORGEOUS. Wow. I don't know if I would ever be that ambitious.
    Happy b'day to your little one!

  3. I've got a hero named Gabriel, too, Toni! Great minds think alike? :)

  4. Meretta, great minds definately!!

    Melissa--thanks you, I am not that ambitious either!!!

  5. Love the cake! Is your boy nuts about wheels too? My little guy adores anything that has wheels on it, like trains and trucks and cars. It's so cute, he sit there playing on the coffee table, his chin in his hand as he studies the wheels going back and forth.

    Very exciting for your daughter, first day at school. My oldest entered grade 11. Time flies.

  6. My boy is nuts peggy. He likes trains, trucks, planes and DINOSAURS!!!

    He has been fascinated by a Thomas train we set up today--it shifts balls from one place to another. Needless to say it held his attention for a little while before he dismantled it and lost all the balls!!!