Monday, September 26, 2005


I got 3 pages written today. Not bad considering it has been one of those days!!!
This morning was a fight with the kids to make a quick raid on the library. What should be a quiet peaceful trip has turned into snatch and grab. My son plays with the two toys they have there for about 10 minutes tops--assuming no one else wants to play with said toys because then a tussle ensues, and my boy is small, but fierce :/ My daughter scoots around and grabs about 10 books that she fancies and we leave. That is it. End of story. No quiet storytimes, no peacefully curled up children engrossed in story after story. Smash and grab.

Next was cycling to my friend's house a couple of blocks away. Normally my daughter is a safe biker, but not today. She fell off twice and crashed into me once. Son fell asleep in the seat on the back of my bike, which makes riding/steering a little tricky. So he missed dinner, because we had swimming and had to go. So we went and DH got a parking ticket from the Gestapo at the U of M.

DH was very pleased and made us all miserable until even the dog gave him a look, after which he relaxed and laughed about it. Of course, now he's determined to get off this violation--just because I got a refund from the one and only parking ticket I ever received. Now I know he has the gift of the gab, but I was nine months pregnant and carrying a two year old when I got my ticket--I wouldn't bet on him :)


  1. on comments earlier you asked if it was raining, no weather been good but I’ve been off work and all doc says is might be arthritis, I’m too young for that

  2. New_friend that sounds nasty. Arthritis can hit early!! I remember my dad suffering in his early forties and he read up and changed his diet. Cut right back on red meat and cut out black pepper. Maybe he did other things too but I don't think so. Worked for him!!!

    And DH did get off his ticket--wouldn't you know a woman was behind the counter when he went in!!!

  3. We call the parking police at our university the Parking Nazis. Why are they so fierce about it? I don't even want to know how much money they make on parking tickets every year. Guess it is a good source of income and they probably figure it into the budget every year!!!!

    Good for you on getting three pages done! Yay!!!

  4. Isn't that the ultimate fantasy? Our children curled up, quietly, in a library corner for hours while we leisurely browse the shelves and books???

    Three pages sound awesome to me right now! I can barely get one half decent page written lately.

  5. Melissa--yep Nazis is right!! they generate millions of dollars in revenue for the university here and I bet it is the same wherever!!

    Peggy--my fantasy too, and so lovely!!