Friday, September 16, 2005


Well I am having a crappy day. I think I'm getting a cold, I'm deaf in one ear (I would mention wax, but it is too gross). Last night I just missed wiping my face out on the side of the kids' table. Seriously, if I were over 5'1" tall I'd have had a broken nose at the very least and a few missing teeth to add to my beauty. Instead I landed on my knees--hard. Thank God they were built as shock absorbers, and though the tiles hurt, it hurt less that a table in the face.

This morning my son took off his diaper and pooped on the floor, then covered it with his snack bowl and smeared it all over the place. Since then he has found the glitter--right up there on my hate list next to poop. It went EVERYWHERE.

So great.

I am having trouble concentrating on writing, and I hate that. But I am getting some lovely emails via the Romance Junkies and I'm so grateful. Lord, after waspish comments from some contest judges/agents, I need a few nice things to remember. I do remember the good things people say. They go top of the pile in my head, but the bad comments eat away at the foundations so I have to feed my soul with nice things.

Not poop...but independence
Not glitter...but sparkles
Not sore ears...but the time to take it easy


  1. RJ is great that way. It feeds the writer's ego. Nothing more satisfying then receiving compliments on our writing from people who don't even know us.

  2. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Mmmm what can I say - I guess the positive is that DS has artistic flair, maybe glitter on top of the poop could have been photographed and displayed at top-notch art galleries around Paris!

    How dare anyone say negative things about your writing - it is FAB girl!!! Big hug.

  4. Ahhh Toni :) .. it's tough being a mum. Reminds me of my colleague whose husband arrived late for his board meeting with infant poop stuck to the side of his watch. (those morning rushes for working parents can be a killer) ... he sat there sniffing the air, wondering who smelled so bad .... until he checked the time. LOL. Tales from the trenches only parents can understand.


  5. Deb--yuk on the art!!! Even though it would sell for a fortune!

    Loreth, that poor guy. I hate those smells you can't track down until it is too late :)

    Peggy, RJ was lovely for a bit of confidence :)

    Kim--I am feeling better, still sniffly but the ears have woken up :)