Wednesday, September 07, 2005

SOS America

Below is part of a Newsletter I received today. It is for people wanting to send things to the Katrina relief effort. Seems strange to me that they weren't asking for things, because if I were naked, dirty and hungry, I'd rather have a tin of soup and a T-Shirt, than a gift voucher for a shop that no longer exists. Not that I think the donated money will be wasted--I hope not. But I want to help people on the ground. If you want to receive this newsletter sign up with Kathryn Falk at the email address below.

She set up the organization to help US troops in the Gulf--kind of weird that this attracted me as a Brit who doesn't believe in war, but I guess I grew up during the great crisis of conscious following the Vietnam war, and the terrible way War Vets were treated when they came home. I guess I see my grandad fighting the Germans in WWII and my dad in the paras and I wonder 'what if...'

What if somebody treated my grandad poorly if he were injured? What if my dad didn't have enough to eat during a posting? So although I haven't done much I did send a couple of care packages in the hopes they found someone in need. Somebody's future grandfather, someone's dad.

Now SOS AMERICA are trying to help people suffering following Hurricane Katrina.


Kathryn Falk []
10218 County Rd 941-B
RR1 Box 134
Alvin, TX 77511-6839

NOTE FROM KELLI SALKIN to Booklovers & SOS America Patriettes -- this SOS is going to both lists, you may get a duplicate.



I am holding down the fort while Kathryn packs up boxes and bags, and takes 6am flight to Hobby Airport! AIRTRAN waived overweight/extra boxes' charge at LaGuardia,and at Atlanta. Alerted staff in both airports to help out. THANK YOU AIRTRN and Gwendolyn Ashley.

SOS Patriettes and RT Booklovers are collecting supplies and boxing them up as I write.

SOS America will not turn over things without knowing exactly who is getting what. We guarantee your donation goes where it's needed. The same strategy that works for our troops is expected to work in this crisis. We start the "adopting"/"sponsoring" process.

You take on as many names as you can and share them with your network of contacts, office, church, school, scout troops, etc.

Kathryn has 2 days to straighten up the house before her cousins from New Orleans arrive. She hasn't been there for years. Many of you know Ron, her late father's caretaker who looks after things??! (I'll say no more!) I don't want to be there when she announces it isn't clean enough - the dust will fly! Maybe the caretaker will fly out the door too! LOL

In the meantime, if you can, start collecting collect sanitary products, hygiene items, toys, children's items, unneeded summer clothing (just wash and fold and separate into adults, children under 12 and babies under 2), and underwear (of all sizes). Think of all the things you'd want if you were stranded! We'll have more instructions soon - I'll print Alvin mailing address again at end of this newsletter.

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