Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Story bored

Feeling a bit flat today. Not sure why. Maybe it is the Fall starting to turn the trees, or the fact I already seem wrapped up in layers, but I notice I haven't succumbed to socks yet. I always have cold feet so I guess that is a sign, right?

Getting some writing done this evening after I spent the afternoon working up a story-board for my wip. I couldn't move forward--I was stuck in a boring scene that had dragged on way too long--and why? Because I hadn't worked out exactly where I was going next. By nature I am a plotter, but because I was concentrating on emotions I'd not plotted this as carefully--and I was STUCK!!!! Bloody boring scene that needed a log fire and naked people to get it going (I sent him home instead as it was way too early for any of that, thank you very much :)

So I plotted my story-board to find 3 empty blocks where scenes should have been LOL. No wonder I was dragging out that crappy scene, there was nothing in the works to fill out the rest of the 160 pages!!! Anyway, now I have a ball to organize and a beach trip that seems promising as long as I remember the champagne and something delicious in the picnic basket. Fun fun fun. Why should historicals have all the fancy stuff??

So now I just have to juggle kids, kindy, skating and shopping tomorrow and hopefully I can move on.


  1. there is an advert over here on tv where a woman jugles with kids shopping etc ( little minature computer graphic animations) i wonder if you look tike that walking down the street juggling skatews and children and books. hop not the advert is for indigestion.

  2. Toni, I hear ya on the crappy writing. I was telling Kelly the same thing on her blog. I hate everything I'm writing. I'm beginning to question my ability to write this story. I'm not excited. I want to be. I couldn't wait to get started. Now I'm sitting in the middle of chapter 2 and the only thing I like is the Prologue!! I think I need to really sit down and figure this out, see where I went wrong.

    Have fun shopping!!!

  3. Indigestion sounds about right new_friend!!!

    Peggy, sometimes I think it is getting into character and moving on from the last story, and other times it is just mental torture. I go back, talk to my characters more and try to dig deeper. LOL. Of course everybody around me thinks I'm a raving looney but that's OK--I hope!

  4. Mental torture and writing - those two definitely go together. ;-)