Tuesday, September 20, 2005


OK--well today is one of those days where I can not stop stuffing my face with chocolate. Totally hormone related (with some added internal stress and a sore shoulder), but that won't make my pants fit me any better in the long run.

And I have noticed I have been calling my trousers, pants, PANTS!!! Lord help me I'm being Americanised!!! I'm going to end up having one of those awful obsenely ugly accents, like Lloyd Grossman. Yuk!! I like Canadian accents, I like American accents and I like British accents, but I don't want all three at the freaking same time.

OK--see the stress shining through??? :/


  1. YAY! Come on over to the dark side. Pants! Come further south and go britches ;)

  2. LOL, Toni. Me? I'd pull a Madonna and fake the British accent. :-)

  3. Britches? LOL
    And britches are still knickers in the UK. When did they (pants and britches) become trousers rather then knickers? I'll have to do some linguistic research :)
    Peggy--amazing how New York can travel :)

  4. I say pants, as well. *grin*
    Don't worry about the chocolate - it's been scientifically proven that women NEED chocolate. So eat away. :-)

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