Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tax man

Yesterday I learned that biscuits (gingernuts to be exact) and potties don't mix. Today I learned that my son can be bribed for jelly beans. We haven't conquered potty training yet, but we've made inroads.

Breaking news, just as I was about to post about my DH's inability to stick to a budget (you'd think they'd learn maths at private school), we got a rebate from the tax man!!! All hail every God living and naked rain dancing at midnight tonight to give thanks for small mercies...all welcome :D


  1. Oh, I LOVE refunds!!!! Good for you!

  2. Thanks Melissa--beat the $4000 they said we owed them :)

  3. Yippeeee, see Tax Folk really are nice people!! LOL. Couldn't post a picture of Hector, but hopefully the link will work! Happy days.


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