Thursday, September 22, 2005


Tonight I have the ER season premiere and CSI. Normally I just catch CSI when I can and I like all three CSI shows, but tonight I need to put my feet up.

I am so tired!!! I have gone from doing no exercise all summer, to walking 90 mins a day at speed (usually because I am late), plus walking to Sparks etc, and dealing with the new kids' routine and catching poop left, right and centre :( Plus trying to keep house, and cook some big meals for the freezer so I can cook less generally. Today was a couple of huge lasagnes and a cottage pie, tomorrow enough lentil soup to feed an army :)

So weak and feeble as I am, instead of editing a short story and writing about how Gabriel is going to get his own back on Flick, I'm going to veg. He's going to have to wait for revenge (evil cackle).

And please someone remind me to eat like an adult tomorrow. Today I ate 2 pieces of toast, 1 packet crisps, 10 cookies, an apple--and I'm seriously looking forward to the lasagne now. Yum.


  1. Exercising more will do that to you - make you tired, I mean - and also make you eat bad things! LOL

  2. I have been such a slug this summer :)