Thursday, September 01, 2005

Website up and running--hopefully

DH's Website What do you think? I hope it loads OK in the different browsers--tell me if something isn't working for you. The hit counter isn't activated yet, I'm hoping someone at U of M can fix that.

My first website.

I'm very proud of DH and his accomplishments--even though some days I want to kill him :)


  1. Anonymous4:56 pm

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  2. Is he/she calling me fat??

  3. Looks good Toni!

    I selected "Research" and all these huges words leaped out at me and, like, no, not going there! LOL

    Department of Zoology! My dd#2 would love that! She is still trying to decide whether she wants to be a vet or a zookeeper!!! Since she's only 12, I told she can think about it a little bit longer! :-/

    So when is your site going up?

  4. Hi Toni - I hopped over from Kendra's site. Way to go on the website - wish I had the skills to create something like that. FYI it looks great on Firefox. :)

    Lol re the spam.

  5. Thanks New_Friend and Peggy!!

    Peggy-VET!! Think of the money :)

    I am thinking about my site. No real firm plans yet :)

    Thanks Nalini--I've heard great things about Firefox so I'm glad it looks OK!! Spammers should be shot--oops. Maybe not politically correct--sorry :)

  6. Good job Toni, site looks fantastic - well impressed. (The boys will love the picture of DH and the shark!)