Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What to do?

Oh dear, ranting again :/ Trouble is this stuff scares me. Scares me more than terrorist attacks, truth be told.

The difficult thing is wondering how little changes in our daily life can make a difference in the great scheme of things. I am a bad person--I use disposable diapers and my car, although a Subaru--which have very low emissions--is still a small SUV (at least to the insurers). Now these are choices I have made to deal with living in this environment, which is harsh and extreme, with 2 small kids, 2 big dogs and snow on the road for at least 4 months of the year I feel justified. The diapers was a decision made purely on retaining my sanity, which flies south regularly when home with two small kids and almost no family support (except DH-no reflection on family, they're just not wherever I've lived).

What do I do for the environment? What can you do?
1) Use the car as little as possible (I use mine 3 times a week most of the year)
2) Use the car more effectively, give someone a ride to work everyday (no axe-murderers please). Combine errands.
3) If you change appliances switch to energy friendly varieties.
4) Get advice from your Hydro company about improving energy efficiency in the home.
5) Switch to detergents and cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Norwex and Melaleuca are two companies I know that make good stuff, there must be others.
6) If you're rich or planning on staying in your home for a long time install geothermal goal in life :)
7) Investigate solar and wind power.
8) Share body heat where possible :)

Sigh--I'm over it for a couple of days. You can relax again.


  1. Cloth diapers is too much to ask of anyone. I tried!

  2. Wow--very impressive Suzanne! I am always impressed by anybody trying cloth diapers!!!

  3. Oh and hang out the washing, adjust the amount of water your loo uses, buy electric cars, install and windmill :)

    Jeez--I'm so boring, shoot me now :)

  4. All right, here's my trick and I teach it to all my Sparks so they grow up to be conservative, as well...instead of dumping water down the sink when you've got some leftover in drinking glasses, boiling eggs, etc. etc. -- put it in a designated pitcher and use it to water plants with.

    I like the sharing bodyheat idea, too. You're in the right frame of mind for writing romance, Toni! :)

  5. I leave driving to once a week, usually the weekend. Doesn't always work that way, but I try. I'm a stay-at-home mom who's kids school is a block away. Why do I need to drive? When gas prices jacked up, I absolutely refused to go anywhere. We walked to the grocery store or asked hubby to pick up dinner on his way home from work. I used cloth diapers on my second child. Actually quite easy once you get into a routine.

  6. Peggy you sound exactly like me--except you did the diapers so kudos for you :)

    Meretta I put our spare water in the dogs drinking bowl. Great minds!

  7. Y'know, I'm glad you posted this, Toni. I often don't think about all the water that we use in our household - and it seems to be a lot. I'm going to start monitoring myself now!

    I would use my extra water for the plants, but unfortunately, I have no plants. I can't keep them alive.