Saturday, October 22, 2005

Books this week

I read fast. I need at least one hour in bed before I fall asleep and then 30 mins of looking at the dark before I nod off. I'd say I read at a rate of between 100-125 pages an hour.

Remember I was researching HEAT in books, wondering how hot, the hot books were just now? Well...

First book I read this week was Jamie by Lori Foster. I couldn't resist the cover :) It is the last in a series that I have yet to read, so I probably got things backwards! I like her style, I like her characters, but I found the plot a little far-fetched. It was sexy and fun and emotional, nothing I couldn't handle, but didn't grab me 100%

Then I read Beach Blanket Bad Boys and had to fan myself afterwards, my cheeks were so red!! There's at least one VERY HOT sex scene per short story, sometimes two or three, and although I liked the stories generally (especially Jill's, even though yes, I am biased) it was too much for me. Seems like an excuse to fit as much sex as possible into as little space as possible. It isn't a complaint exactly, but next time I'll know what I'm getting into and not read every story, one after the other, until I'm exhausted in bed and thinking 'I don't wanna have sex--ever again!'


  1. LOL, Toni!

    Yeah, I'm one that doesn't like too much sex in novellas. Seems too rushed to me. Though I'm sure they sell well! I'm probably just a prude.

  2. I like the emotional lead up to sex the best. Really, you can get sex can anywhere. To me, it's the connection that counts.

  3. Well, as a single, never been married, lonely virgin - I'll take as much sex in the books as I can LOL
    Toni, oh Toni - am I too assume that you are the anonymous that visited my blog this morning?

  4. Eve!!! I am hopeless!! Sorry :)

    Yeah--notice how married women go off sex :D

    No dear--not you--honest!! (just in case DH pops in)

  5. giggle, giggle, snort, snort - I could just see it now, in case you win the drawing, "and the book goes to anonymous". LOL