Friday, October 14, 2005


As a teenage kid I read lots.  It was my escape in a busy household.  We didn’t have much money and I remember a lot of tension.  My dad was laid off during the big recession of the early 80’s—Maggie Thatcher’s Britain, which seemed to threaten every working class family in the nation.  We had our black and white TV—but kids’ TV was rare and if dad was in, the TV was HIS!!!  

I look at my dad now and laugh, because even though his 3 grandkids that live with him have a TV in their rooms, they still get to choose the program, more often than not!  I think it simply means less to him these days and goodness knows my dad has mellowed with age.  He probably doesn’t realize it, but now I have his temper!!

So books were my escape.
I remember reading the Silver Brumby series by Elaine Mitchell.  I looked for these books for my daughter, but can’t find them anywhere.  All about horses in the Australian Blue mountains.  They were so good I’d start the beginning again the moment I finished the end--I’d read them twelve, twenty times in a row.  

Then I read all the James Herriot books, Richards Adams, Harper Lee, Stephen Donaldson, David Eddings and finally my granny’s Mills & Boons.  I was such an angel child the librarian assumed they were just for granny—but she’d share with me :D

I think I probably learned more about sex from those stories than from all the sex education classes in school!!  But the message was always, that sex was between consenting, committed adults (committed to each other, not insane).  

I think I was thirteen. How old would your child be before you let them read a sexy romance???


  1. Toni - you're on a roll today LOL
    Mother started me on Harlequins when I was 14 - just the regular Betty Neels type. I think those would be okay. Then maybe the Presents around 17. Anything else beyond that would have to wait until I'm dead. No matter what her age.
    I'll look around for those children's books for you. We get a lot of "unusual" stuff in the store.

  2. I read my first Harlequin at 14 as well. But it was the Romance series, no sex. The first book I read with a sex scene was Forever (a non-Harlequin)...and read it and read it and read it! I think I was in grade 7.

    I don't really care how old my kids are (as long as they understand what sex is). My feeling is they are going to be curious no matter what, we all were. So what better source then books to "sneak" in their curiousity. At least they're reading! :-)

  3. Peggy's right - I mean Harlequins are pretty tame compared to what they could sneak - like Ellora's Cave or Red Lace. And she's correct that they will sneak - at least I did and especially anything that I was told I couldn't read! Like my brother's sex novels that they had hidden in their bedroom with the Playboy magazines. ;-)

  4. Eve--what are 'sex' novels? For boys no less. I think HQ are pretty tame--except Blaze. But the other thing is you see so much choreographed teen romance on telly, you wonder what they expect?

  5. I began with teen romances at about 9 or 10 and was into the Zebra's by 11. Loved those historicals and the alpha's who were tamed by the love of a good woman. Learned a lot about sex, but this was sex with love involved, not at all like the handbook my mom bought me when I was 8 which I can't imagine ever doing with my daughters, especially in today's sexual climate.

    Toni, found that your Brumby author's first name is spelled Elyne on some sites. Perhaps that will help your search? I'll be looking for them now, too so I find anything I'll be sure to let you know. My DD would love to read these, too.

  6. I started reading romance in sixth grade, I think. IMO, too young! Before I started reading romance, I read just about everything else. Loved Nancy Drew and the Frank Baum "Wizard of Oz" novels.

  7. Meretta--thank you. My friend Deb also found them and they are really fabulous books. I hadn't realised it was the same author as 'The man from Snowy river'. LOL. Should have. I'll be stalking eBay :)

    Thanks Eve for keeping a look out.

  8. Oh no - "sex" novels - for men, snuck by boys. Graphic novels which little girls shouldn't ever see. Which is why I probably like erotica today ;-)