Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We had a little boy over on Friday, just for half an hour after kindy. He walked into my house, stared around, peered into my office and asked.
"Is that your Daddy's Office?"
My daughter snorted, "No, that's my Mummy's Office."
The little boy stared carefully before he said, "It's very messy, isn't it?"

Well, I was a bit dumbfounded, because though no saint on the housework front, the house is usually clean(ish), tidy(ish) and uncluttered(ish). But the office was a little messy with paperwork ect. Anyway after much blushing and many fiendish mutterings I got rid of the kid.

Today we went around to the little boy's house for a quick play--and his place was a freaking shambles, LOL! And did my children say anything? No, they did not. Did I point out to the little boy that his house was 'a little messy'? No, I did not. Will I get points in heaven for this? No, :) I think not :D


  1. Oh boy, hope the kid never sees my office :-) I think my desk is brown, but I'm not sure what with all of the piles on it.
    Kids, what can you say.

  2. Gotta love em--or so I'm told ;-)

  3. Oh Toni - "or so I'm told" ROTFL

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Eve...gosh, if the kid only saw my office!! Now that is messy(ish)! :-)

  5. I think he's what you call precocious!

    I can see my desk!!! Some of it anyway!

    You know my little girl impressed the heck out of me recently. A little boy in her class told her she was the smallest in the class. She is seriously little. However she told me that a little boy called Alex is smaller than her, and he was sitting next to her at the time, but she didn't point this out to the nasty kid because it would hurt Alex's feelings. How smart and sweet is that?
    Next day she bonded with the nasty kid after he accidently peed on the computer chair.
    She sucks people in slowly :)

  6. Sounds like she's is and will be a wonderful soul.

    And I have hardwood floors somewhere in this room!

  7. Ah, she's got a soft heart! What a sweetie! Thank God for little girls...well, most of them!