Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Cold now—forecast to drop to 2C with wind and snow.  Guess I might drive to kindy!!  I don’t mind walking, but my kiddies get a bit cold and it is an hour round trip for the wee one.  

No mice today—not sure if that means we got them all last night or they have wised up.  They did look exceptionally cute--like Angelina Ballerina, which was a little disconcerting.  As long as they don’t start talking it’ll be OK.

The heating has come on and there is that musty smell from disuse.  Yuk!  
Have fun :)


  1. We have snow on the mountain peaks around the lake and the temperature is dropping, almost having ice on the windscreen when I take the kids to school! I am not looking forward to shovelling snow again. Have to look out the ice scraper!

  2. hehehe....we have warm weather again! Back to t-shirts and shorts.

  3. Janny--I know :( & you'd think I'd know where all the snow stuff was around here, but no...

    DH is away and due to fly back with fish this afternoon. I'm really worried he'll get stuck in TO and his fish won't make it. Storm is heading your way Peggy :)

  4. Yay for cold weather! Yesterday was miserably warm and humid, so I am in a VERY good mood today!

    Hope the mice packed up for warmer parts - that are NOT in your house. LOL

  5. Get ready for another Winterpeg, Toni! At least you're off to Florida in a few months, though! Did DD convince you to see the more famous member of the mice species while you are there?

  6. Meretta-oh yeah!! She knows all about DW!!! Probably has a map in her room :) It's sweet. She won't let me buy things as I told her we were saving up to go :)