Sunday, October 23, 2005


Yum Yum Yum!

Just sold the last box of these and they were delicious!! Mint fondant, squished between two biscuit and wrapped with dark chocolate. If my daughter stays in brownies and guides I'll be the size of a house (or bungalow, given the vertically challenged thing I have going :D)

Reminds me of opening my mouth once too often in Reno too. My roomies asked why I wasn't eating all my food (we were having 3 course lunches and dinners) and I said, if I ate all the food on my plate I'd be the size of a .... And I looked around, and we were completely surrounded by rather plump ladies all waiting for me to finish my sentence. Ooops. I think I choked at that point! Sigh.


  1. Ew, hated the mint. Loved the other kind...the white and chocolate (can't think of their proper names). My girls were often too shy to go door to door so I would end up buying the entire box!! The mint lived in my freezer for years before I finally through them out!

  2. You are too cute for words ...
    Peanut butter ones - I don't remember what they were called.
    So, you're vertically challenged too. I was very happy when I pulled out my leggings for the first time this year (it's finally cool here) and they fit!!!! Worrywart that I am I was afraid that my constant pigging out this year would have meant I was too big for my britches. (Snoopy dance) I'm happy to say that contrary to popular opinion, I am not too big for my britches!

  3. Peggy--we should live together and share cookies :)

    Eve--I hate that feeling, wondering will something still fit!! Really glad they do :)

  4. I love Girl Scout cookies! I've never had Girl Guide cookies but I bet I'd like them, too.........

  5. YAY on your cookie sales!

    And yes, I remember that comment. Don't worry, Loreth and I would've backed you up had there been a brawl. ;)

  6. LOL Meretta--I was countin on ya ;-)

    Suzanne--they really are good :D