Sunday, October 09, 2005


Today we are having roast beef, roast tatties, boiled potatoes, peas, beans, and yorkshire pud. Followed by apple pie and ice cream.

Yum Yum Yum!!!

DH is cooking (so it'll taste even better). In the meantime we need to rake leaves, paint windowframes and although I have been editing this morning, this afternoon I promised DH we would veg like a normal family in front of Holiday TV. If that turns out to be sport I'll be off ;-)

Watched Alexander last night. What a boring monstrosity of a movie. The acting of Colin Farrell and Angelina Jolie was good, but the sound was terrible and the script long and dull. And what was the point? Did we learn much about his exploits? No we did not. Did we discover some basic human message--I don't think so!!

PS. My photo thing works now, but the spellcheck is on the blink. So excuse the spelling which gets a little confused!!


  1. Enjoy the meal. Sounds fabulous!

  2. Mmmm.... It was yummy!!!

    Unfortunately we never sat down to veg. It is a gorgeous day so we have rake the leaves, painted windows and generally been putting the garden to bed. Lovely way to spend the day :)

    And then I hear about the awful earthquake in Pakistan. Those poor people.

  3. I know, the earthquake was absolutely horrendous.

    Haven't seen Alexander - haven't wanted to. You are the second person to tell me it wasn't good - the sister-in-law made practically the same comment today at blockbuster - we got The Interpreter instead - good movie. We were supposed to go to the movies to see Serenity, but we both decided we didn't want to be around a lot of people today.

    Your meal sounds great - sort of a "undoing the top button of your pants" meal. Yummy

  4. The meal sounds delicious indeed, and as for Alexander, I heard the same thing. That it's not worth watching.

  5. Oh, Toni, I'm with you on Alexander. Bleh. But I HAD to see it, despite what everyone said. Served me right.

    This weekend I did see Fever Pitch, which I didn't expect to like but did.

  6. Dinner sounds wonderful! And hubby cooking? I can only dream!

  7. Hubby's a good cook, but it doesn't happen as often as it used to! That's OK, he works hard.

    Eve & Olga, 'Alexander' was a real let down, don't waste your time.

    Mary--Is 'Fever Pitch' the movie adapted from Nick Hornby's book? My DH loves his books--I bet 'About a boy' is brilliant too!

  8. That meal does sound good!

    I have no desire to see Alexander. None.

    Food always tastes a lot better when my DH cooks, too. He made chili last night and it was yummy!

  9. At the used-bookstore I work at we get used DVDs - I might borrow Alexander because I hear there are great naked shots in it LOL

  10. I have no idea if Fever Pitch is based on a book. It's the Farrelly brothers, though, but a lot more tasteful than I expected!

  11. Mary--it is based on a book by Nick Hornby who wrote it about football (UK). So I guess the theme is universal!!! Amazing the title worked--the pitch is the soccer field in the UK, as opposed to the baseball throw in the movie.