Thursday, October 06, 2005


Invasion has a blog and it is a very well done piece of advertising/information. Love the concept.

DH keeps saying 'it's going to be the same thing every week. We keep wondering who the aliens are'. DUH!! And in the same breath he said (as if this were an insult) 'it's just like V.'

I loved 'V'!!!

Now notice he didn't have any complaints last week, or the week before, but last night he was a little disconcerted to see me planted in front of the TV at 9 pm. And I'll give you the chance to wonder why???

What started last night???


  1. I used to watch 'V' although I don't remember too much about it. And WHO is that hottie???

  2. Eddie Cibrian plays Russell in the show. Very sexy.

    I went to bed with a hottie the other night--when DH was away ;D

  3. Not touching that one, Toni. ;)

    I loved 'V', too!

    HOCKEY started last night. Go, Oilers, Go! Didn't watch them though. Too much homework.

    Haven't watched Invasion yet, either, but after checking out the website, I'm going to. Thanks for the link. :)

  4. I loved V too! Did you know it's out on DVD now? Too cool!

    Love Invasion too. It really is a great follow-up for Lost.

  5. Tori--I didn't know it was on DVD!! I wonder if it has dated? I haven't got into lost and better not risk another addiction. ER and Invasion keep me from writing, but keep me sane (ish ;))

  6. OK, haven't decided if I like Invasion or not. Love the for that alone...but the whole alien/dolphin thing might be a bit much for me! Yet, I still tune in!!

  7. Oh, I had forgotten about V! I don't know the hotties name but he used to play Cole DeShonnell on a short lived soap called Sunset Beach. And then he was a fire fireghter on a prime time show.

    Isn't he lovely?

  8. I kept wondering during last night's epi if the dr. lady was sorry she dumped hunky park ranger for geeky sheriff.

    Last night was good - I didn't like last week's, though.

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