Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh the joys of growing older :D

Thursday is always super-busy for me and I never have time to blog.
I have 15 pages to go before I finish editing Venus' Slipper. Almost got there tonight except for the need to strip a bed, swiftly followed by the need to watch Russ flexing his Marine Biology muscles in Invasion. I love the fact they have one of 'us' saving the day, as opposed to the usual 'agency' people. Maybe my future ideas for university researchers will work--just think Indiana Jones :)


  1. Sounds yummy to me!! Missed Invasion tonight, forgot all about it.

  2. I like Indiana Jones. Thursdays are busy for me too. Hope yours goes well.

  3. I have the serious hots for Russ. He is so delish!

  4. Indiana Jones is AWESOME. I like the last one with Sean Connery the best, though. ;-)

    BTW - I love the little pic of the gal riding the bicycle.

  5. I like Indiana and Russ and Sean :D

    Have I ever told you my Sean Connery stories? Maybe tomorrow if I can shake my cold!!!