Wednesday, October 05, 2005


RONNIE BARKER died yesterday--he was was a British comic genius who was so diverse you sometimes wouldn't recognise him--he was that good!!! I grew up watching such fabulous performers, Eric and Ernie, Tommy Cooper, The two Ronnies, I think I was blessed to enjoy such humor.


>> THE man who invented the zip fastener was today honoured with a lifetime peerage. He will now be known as the Lord of the Flies.

>> IN a packed programme tonight, we will be talking to an out of-work contortionist who says he can no longer make ends meet.

>> IN a packed programme tonight, I shall be having a word with a man who goes in for meditation, because he thinks it's better than sitting around doing nothing

>>AT London's Heathrow, senior customs officer Seaforth Mumbly retired today.
He shook hands with passengers passing through the customs, and confiscated a gold watch for himself.

>> THE Ministry of Defence have announced new pay scales for the Army, heavily favouring the NCOs. Said a new recruit: "It's all very well for the sergeants and the corporals, but it's a nasty blow to the privates."

>> I AM the president of the Loyal Society for the Relief of Suffers from Pismronunciation, for the relief of people who can't say their worms correctly, or who use the wrong worms entirely, so that other people cannot underhand a bird they are spraying.


  1. "And it`s goodnight from him,"
    "and it`s goodnight from me."
    "A very goodnight to you!"

    Ah, The Two Ronnies on a Saturday night - brilliant!

    Favourite sketch was the one in the ironmongers - do you know the one?

  2. R1. 'Can I have Four Candles, please.'
    R2. Gives him 4 candles.

    R1. 'No I said Fourcandles'

    R2. 'But I gave you 4 candles...'

    R1. 'No, Fork Handles!'

    Is that the one Janny?

  3. Don't think I recognize him. Has he been in any movies?

  4. That`s the one, I knew candles and handles were in the sketch somewhere!!

  5. Peggy--he wrote and starred in 'Porridge' a UK comedy series about jail. He was in 'Open all hours' and was half of 'The Two Ronnies'. Lots of other stuff. A lovely funny man!