Saturday, October 01, 2005

September Goals

This morning I got out my goals for the week with a feeling of doom. Then I read them.

1) KOD Announcements--check
2) Banking--check
3) Ironing--check DH!!
4) Chapter 3 WIP--No tick :(

Additional goals were tweaking DH's website, but nothing urgent and I still have today and tomorrow to get Chapter 3 done, so I have hope :). I guess I know myself better than I realize!! Life gets in the way, but as long as your expectations of yourself are reasonable you can make forward progress.

My Friday night was very enjoyable--a curry, red wine and good company. A good week so far :)


  1. Goals are definitely a must and yes, we must be flexible and roll with the punches when they come. Good luck with Chapter 3. :)

  2. Good company is always so wonderful. Glad you had a nice evening.

    And you'll get Chapter 3 done. I have faith!

  3. dont push your self to hard you will get there and the journy is ment to be fun or why are you doing it?

  4. You're right--I am trying to be a bit more laid back :) Have Chapter 3 in my head now :)

  5. Good luck with Chapter 3! I don't set goals though maybe I should. Nah, I'm too lazy for that! To-do lists is as far as I go, well, so far!

  6. Olga--I bet you aren't lazy at all!!