Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tom Cruise

I watched War of the Worlds last night. Dh had gone out and I decided I couldn't face more edits.

It scared the bejesus out of me because I couldn't remember the ending!!
I'm a wuss!

Anyway I got to thinking how good the acting in it was--Tim Robbins, Dakota Fanning and was it Justin Chatwin? And especially Cruise.

Why is it he's never on any lust lists on the various sites? He is gorgeous and a fantastic actor. In this movie he went from being a complete jerk, to a worried desperate father, to a surviving hero.

Is he somehow so perfect that he is hard to lust after? Has anyone written a hero with him as the model? I'm curious :)

He hasn't ever won an oscar, has he?
I think his time will come!


  1. I quite liked him in Jerry McGuire. He's got that killer smile. Verrah nice and he *is* a good actor. You've just got to look past the exterior to the interior which I figure a lot of people don't do when someone is good looking. The bane of the beautiful, I'm thinking.

  2. Maybe it's his stature? I don't know. I haven't seen the original War of the Worlds in a long time, so I don't remember how it ends, but I do plan to see this one.

  3. I'm not a Tom Cruise fan. I don't know why, just something about him that's always turned me off. His personality perhaps? His interview on Oprah pretty much sealed it for me. Sorry Toni! Though I do want to see that movie. And I haven't wanted to see a Tom Cruise movie since Risky Business!

  4. I'm not a huge fan--I love his acting, but his personality is definately a little odd. I wonder if it is all that fame and power early on. He seems to have taken control of Hollywood from an early age too--you wonder who taught him those lessons!!

    I liked him with Nicole K--she seems like a sweety (if dangerously thin). Never saw Oprah but I'm sure it was bizaar.

  5. Nah Tom doesn't do if for me either. You inspired me to watch When Harry met Sally - it was fab, what a lovely film. Smile, sob, smile.

  6. Okay, I wasn't going to say this, but Peggy has opened the floodgates. I'm afraid my opinion of him in his "public" life has colored my perception of him. I don't like him. It's hard to watch him now without that intruding, which is why I would never use him as a hero. Maybe the "old" days were better when we fans didn't know anything about the private lives of the stars? It was his views on psychiatry that really closed the coffin for me. As someone who has relied on psychiatric help on and off through the years, as the sister of someone who was bi-polar, and the niece of an uncle who is schizophrenic, I found his "opinions" to be appalling. I only want to see War of the Worlds because it is a Spielberg production, I will no longer go see a movie for the "Cruise effect". BUT, having said that, if you like him, if you want to use him as a hero - I would fight to the death your right to do so - I would even buy the book, and, or pay for your movie ticket.

  7. LOL Eve--no death required here :) No, I was just watching the movie and thinking 'he's handsome and intelligent, why don't I see any romance writers basing heroes on TC?' And I think it is the same reason they say 'don't write politicians', because everyone has different beliefs and no one wants one POV shoved down their throat. I think he was wrong about psychiatry too, but I do believe people are over medicated generally (no specifics here because everybody's case is different).

    But he's a good actor.
    My heroes have been based on young versions of
    Paul Newman
    Eric Bana
    Harrison Ford
    A guy from Liverpool called Simon (model)
    Keanu's up after that and then another favourite Sean Bean :)

    Nice mix of light and dark!!

  8. Current book is George Clooney, and I very purposely try to avoid any personal stories about him because I don't want to look for another hero.

    And I do agree that some people are over medicated too. And some aren't medicated enough. :-)