Friday, November 18, 2005

Are you a multi-tasker??

Tonight I found myself doing a zillion things all at the same time--probably badly!!

Feeding the kids.
Cleaning the silver (we finally found silvo in the local Safeways after trekking around other stores for it--duh)
Washing up
Making my own dinner
Making a cup of tea
Tidying up the kitchen
Going through daughter's school bag
Talking on the telephone
Stoking the fire
Sorting dog food
Tidying house

Now my DH can't make lunch and talk on the phone at the same time, so why do I have to be crazily busy all the time? Why can't I just do one thing at a time? Anyway, I'm knick-knackered and so I'm going to iron in front of the telly. I have tonnes of writing work to do but my eyes are so crossed I can barely see.

Help me--I need relaxation therapy!!!

Freezing rain forecast tomorrow :(

PS. I have a heroine planned who's going to be a world expert on Octopi. Now, as I always over-research you don't even wanna know how many freaking research papers I'll end up reading :( But she's planned after my photographer heroine and my fisheries biologist, so I shan't worry just yet!!


  1. You go, girl! Isn't it amazing how we women can do all that at once! I believe it's a combo of talent and some in-born female, survival skill. It has to be. Is there any other way to do things once you have kids? :D

  2. I used to do that when I was a teenager, but now my brain has turned to mush and I'm lucky half of the time if I can keep my mind on what I'm doing - and remember just what it is that I am doing?!?

    That no good :-(

    I think I should go to bed now.

  3. Yeah--it is survival after kids Cora.
    Eve, my brain is mush too :D We all have limits!!

  4. I don't multi-task as much as I use to. Same with Eve, my brain began to turn to mush and I was forgetting things more than getting them done.

  5. Now that I'm a little more awake - I hate freezing rain!!!!!!

  6. Moms are the QUEENS of multi-tasking!

  7. Dear Crazy Future Bestselling Author,
    You're too cute!

    Specialer Wicked Psychopath

  8. I completely relate to the not being able to do only one thing at a time!

    Neat heroine occupation. I wrote one once who was an expert in reproductive zoology, specializing in black rhinos. That was actually a lot of fun to research.

  9. Mary, like the sound of the rhino heroine. I knew a girl who was killed by rhinos during her Ph.D., very sad. She was studying baboons. Real life can be so much sadder than fiction.