Friday, November 25, 2005


I know they're not real cowboys, and I know there are plenty of gorgeous real cowboys out there (including the football team, I'm sure) BUT these two are my personal favourites!

I do have a problem with mustaches. Did anyone watch CSI last night, with Nick's new mustache? He looked like he was turning into a gay porn star (nothing wrong with gay porn stars either, but it just wasn't how I saw Nick's character--I feel they are about to change the guy).

Sorry dad, I know you often have a mustache, but they look funny on other people :))

And big hugs to my father-in-law, who usually keeps up with my blog but is in hospital :( Get well soon Pop!!!!


  1. Paul Newman is the ultimate cowboy. He just has the sexiness about him that's hard to duplicate. Well Matthew MacConnahey (Sp. sorry, I can never spell his name ) can!

  2. ROTFL re: Nick - you are soooo right!
    Get better Pop!!!!

    I love the duo of Newman and Redford.

    I can't spell McConnaghy either (I know there's a "g" in there somewhere.

  3. BTW - none of the football team Cowboys look like this. There was Charlie Waters about 20 years ago - I had a half-naked poster of him on my wall for quite a while. then there was Aikman - but he isn't what one would call Clooney-esque.

  4. Robert Redford (younger version) is gorgeous and I think, a real cowboy! I like facial hair on my dream hero, but not real life man. Hate them. Doesn't mean to say I can convince mine to shave it.

    Didn't see the new Nick, but yeah, his face is too nice to cover.

  5. Dear Future Bestselling Author,
    I will miss you!!!!! Have fun!


  6. I'll miss you too!!! Sniff.